Let´s Have Fun


At Health Junkie we promote a healthy lifestyle and a clean diet. These are the essentials to stay fit and definitely witness the best results if you have just begun your journey. Our motive is to share knowledge with all enthusiasts on the importance of setting your targets and inspire you to meet your goals.

This is why we believe to be involved from every direction where we can constantly encourage you with the help of fitness, yoga and athletic events where we would like to invite you and bring you a step closer to what you would want to achieve. Currently we are available only to be purchased via delivery, but we would love to meet you at these events where you get to experience our offerings and also engage with our professional coaches and nutritionists who have worked together to bring forward the most effective and delicious menu forward.

Health Junkie is aiming to be a part of the initiative for transforming Dubai into one of the most active and healthiest cities in the world. Our wellness strategy will include variety of fitness coaching and nutrition workshops that will help us build a stronger relationship with you.

We value all those who have chosen or considered to be a healthy junkie! Our community keeps getting bigger day by day and we would like you all to keep in touch. Soon you will be able to see us at numerous sporting events in Dubai and we will keep you informed accordingly so you can be part of it.

Let´s have some fun together!

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